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New dating/relationship tips, the eyes, lips, body and all of it.

New dating/relationship tips, the eyes, lips, body and all of it.

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Lips get bored kissed the same way; try new kissing techniques and new locations for kissing your spouse to keep your kisses craved for.
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Eyes get bored looking at the same thing; dress your body differently, keep the element of surprise, keep upgrading your look and hairstyles to stimulate your spouse's visual sense.
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Ears get bored hearing the same thing; refrain from nagging about the same issue with your spouse, grow intellectually so that you can be mentally stimulating to your spouse that when you talk, your spouse says

 "Wow, you have a brilliant mind"

The body gets bored touched the same way; touch your spouse's body differently, explore areas on your spouse's skin you've never discovered, touch the same places in different ways, master different levels of pressure when touching inches of your spouse's skin.

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Eating gets boring when it's always the same food; ignite your spouse's taste buds by trying out new flavors, delicacies and recipes, experiment on food to make eating with your spouse exciting.

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Dates are boring when you go to the same spots; try different locations, travel, do random plots, don't always stay indoors but wander about in this beautiful world to keep the adventure between you and your spouse.

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Sex gets boring when you do it the same way; try different positions, form your own style,don't be shy, act out heated ,make sex between you and your spouse thrilling and unpredictable.
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When being with you is exciting and unpredictable, your partner will love spending time with you; hooking up with you will be something to look forward to.

Boredom in a relationship/ marriage makes some begin to look and admire what's outside, some go on to have affairs, others remain faithful but they wish they had passion. Why go outside to look for excitement, when you can have that excitement with your partner for a lifetime?

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