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MISSION STATEMENT: To Generate, Manage and Distribute with utmost fear, love and faithfulness towards God all the financial/material resources for humanitarian needs.

MOTTO: It is of more blessing to give than to receive and giving is a gateway to quality living. Giving is Living.

Global Life Care Humanitarian Outreach is a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) dedicated towards restoring hope to and caring for the less privileged and the downtrodden viz:

  • Feeding the hungry and the less privileged.
  • Clothing the naked and sheltering the homeless.
  • Helping the destitute children to go to school.
  • Identifying and meeting the desperate needs off the widows, orphans, destitute, poor and needy in our generation. We felt God’s call to look after them.
  • Caring for the physical needs and providing strong support to people infected and affected with HIV/AIDS and other deadly and incurable diseases.
  • Supporting destitute adults who want to learn some trades.
  • Caring for children who are homeless or unaccompanied and children whose parents are alive but are extremely poor.
  • Caring for children who are abused or neglected and children with disability.

The course of action towards poverty alleviation by nations, inter-governmental organizations, non-governmental organizations and various financial institutions over the last two decades might have increased tremendously, yet they have not been cogent enough to address the alarming rate of impoverishment amongst the world’s populace.

The gap between the rich and the poor seem to be widening on a daily basis with report of high percentage of human beings in mostly in Sub-Sahara Africa living below the one dollar a day mark.

Despite concerned efforts through governments’ budgetary allocations and corporate cum individuals donations towards tackling poverty, it is saddening that for a lack of proper channel of utilization, these resources intended to cushion ravages of poverty gets into the wrong pockets.

Hence in our burning desire to address this desperate and alarming situation, we have, on the prompting of divine revelation and direction decided to established Global Life Care Humanitarian Outreach through which resources for tackling poverty would be utilized strictly for such purposes.

Our purpose is to spread God’s love and blessings to people especially the less privileged. God’s plan for us is that we spend our lives in helping others by doing good works.

Our Organization bridges the gab between the ‘ HAVES and the HAVE NOTS’ after all we are our brothers keepers, yes Global Life Care Humanitarian Outreach has been established on earth as a charitable economy and a channel of blessing to humanity across the globe.

When the poor and needy are taken care of, God releases blessings on the givers, supporters and sponsors.

Invest now into God’s economy - Global Life Care Humanitarian Outreach, sow your precious seed and reap your abundant harvest. The harvest is real and ripe.

The following are the aims and objectives of Global Life Care Humanitarian Outreach.
  1. To reach out to and develop the less privileged, widows, poor, needy, orphans, disable, destitute and downtrodden, physical, spiritual, mentally and economically.
  2. To combat the menace of HIV/AIDS and other deadly diseases through education and awareness.
  3. To eradicate poverty through skills development, education and support.
  4. To promote wholesome education through the establishment of schools and other free educational services.
  5. To fight against human trafficking and child abuse.
  6. To meet the desperate needs of disadvantaged children in our society more pertinently orphans children whose parents have succumbed to AIDS and whose lives have no future.
PRINCIPAL GOAL: Our major goal is to identify and meet the desperate needs of the poor and needy with particular interest in the rural area. Going by recent investigation it is gathered that so many people are languishing in abject poverty and dejection in the rural areas.

The activities and programmes carried out by Global Life Care Humanitarian Outreach are:
  1. Training workshops for skills development.
  2. Seminars and workshops for women and youth development and training.
  3. Educational programmes and services (school).
  4. Community outreach programmes.
  5. Reach-out-to-the-poor-and-needy (ROTTPAN) programmes.
  6. Spreading God’s love, wisdom and blessings to humanity.
  7. Free health care/education and social services.
  8. Relationship and lifestyle coaching and counseling services for singles, married and youths and other programmes and activities that are considered relevant to our mission.

   FUND GENERATION: In achieving the above purpose and goal we have three major sources of income.

WORK: We are ready to work, serve and do business in other to raise funds for this mission, we do this via Makuph Global Concept a company duly registered and established basically for this purpose and sometimes we work in partnership with other companies and organizations for the benefit of this purpose.

VOLUNTARY DONATION: We encourage free will donations by Godly spirited individuals, donor agencies, corporate bodies, government agencies, conglomerates and institutions towards the work of God through this funds and God will surely reward them a hundred times.

DIVINE INTERVENTION: We believe and we expect that as we faithfully do this, God himself will in his own mysterious ways fund this vision by his miraculous intervention.

WHO IS A HUMANITARIAN? According to Longmans Dictionary of Contemporary English, a humanitarian is one who promotes human welfare and social reforms, in its simplest form, a humanitarian is a person who delights and specializes in doing good to his fellow human beings and administering to their needs to alleviate their sufferings.

Partner with God now through Global Life Care Humanitarian Outreach and abundance of the seas and the wealth of the nations and the hidden riches of secret places will come to you.

  • Connect now for the lengthening of your lives and prosperity.
  • Connect now for a release and restoration.
  • Connect now for relocation and repositioning.
  • Connect now for reversal of curses and a re-roofing of your covering.
  • Connect now for power and favor.
  • Connect now for a generational blessing.
  • Connect now for the supernatural wealth transfer.

How To Reach Us:
Office: 44, Lawanson Road (First Floor) Opposite Zenith Bank Surulere Lagos, Nigeria.
Phone: +2347017094400, +2347060963144, +2348171162340, +2347031972866
Social media links:


Account Number:         0086993307
Bank:                          DIAMOND BANK PLC


  1. Cash donation not cheque please, should be made through cash transfer or cash payment in the bank.

  1. Donation in kind like clothes, dry food stuffs, shoes, bags etc. should be delivered to the Outreach Office.

Please be a part of this! Give generously towards the upliftment of mankind and humanity.


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