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Proves That Anti-Christ Is Here And How To Avoid It

Proves That Anti-Christ Is Here And How To Avoid It

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We pay DSTV subscription, PHCN bill and Taxes directly from our ATM card. This ATM card is beginning to get so critical to my survival. With the cashless society everywhere, the Antichrist is getting ready for his infamous reign of terror in the world... Hmnn...

See the proves that Anti-Christ is here:

  • Now they are merging all cards into 1 super card that is multipurpose and will serve as an ID card. 
  • They are generating Social security number for all men worldwide. 
  • Your fingerprints and pictures are in the systems (SIM registration, Intn'l  Passport, Embassy), you can be tracked easily now!
Soon people will be made to insert the silicon part of their ATM card in their skin,  its the mark of the beast! 666.
Then the bible is true when it says, "Those that did not receive the mark of the beast were unable to buy or sell and life was pretty hard for them". 

If we are this close to the apocalypse then how close are we to the 2nd coming of our Lord Jesus. Friends, be prepared! Don't say this is religion. Get some education on this and save your own soul. The vigour and ease with which these ATM, cashless, Tax, things happening show they are being controlled by much higher powers under the guise of technology.

The bible will always end by saying "He who has ears,let him hear what the Spirit says". The Stage is Set, Prepare yourself, win a Soul today by sending to your contacts.

How to avoid this; don't play games with God, read your bible and be informed.

Jesus is Lord and He is coming soon.

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