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Dating: (True Life Story) When I Turned 20 and The Pain Around It

Dating: (True Life Story) When I Turned 20 and The Pain Around It

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Its the end of yet another 12 months and I just turned 20, its quite unusual for a lady to disclose her real age but then i ain't a teenager anymore, this marks the beginning of a new race.
its indeed been really rough, unfortunately i have lost more friends than I can count, my trust, dreams, inspiration all came down crumbling before my very eyes and I here I am helpless and by no means able to recover properly.

I used to have a best friend more like a sister from another mother, we were really compatible and we made a great team, we had plans on going to the same university and fortunately we were privileged to do just that. Oh well that's were I met Enoch the tall dark skinned guy who stole my heart with little or no effort back then, he was built with a lovely accent as well, just d way I like my men, I gave him a tough time nonetheless but then one thing was imminent sooner or later i was gonna fall like a pack of cards..we started dating and I began to notice lots of changes in the man I once thought was destined to be mine, he obviously had other plans and eventually I lost out.

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