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Dating: (True Life Story) The Game Women Play

Dating: (True Life Story) The Game Women Play

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Several months after service ended Halima my crush back then in camp decided to ring my mobile, with so much surprise I picked up the phone thinking I probably left something valuable with her or otherwise,..i actually did! The impact of the last night we spent together was still fresh in her memories but then that was about 2months ago so on the other hand things could have changed. 

"Hello Tunde" she said with her soft and tender voice. "Hello Halima, how are you doing?" I replied! She went on telling me about her new job, how comfortable she is and how she has really become a better person but then she just couldn't let go of something valuable,..I did most of the listening so I had little to say,..then she came up with this question "can I see you this evening?" , "oh! I thought you were tied up with lotsa work in Abuja, but if you are in lag then we can actually make it possible" I replied, to my greatest surprise she relocated back to Lagos 2 weeks ago. we then hooked up at her place, she offered dinner and I just could not resist with the wonderful aroma that came outta her kitchen...we talked at length about our lives and although I have since moved on I could still remember the particular dress she had on, she gazed deeply into my eyes and then she came closer to me, I felt maybe she was enjoying the conversation till I felt her lips round mine,I couldn't hold back. We ended up in her bedroom where we made good love and she arguably moaned so loud,.."it's been a while, Im quite rusty" she said, I replied her with a smile, at that point I was speechless..minutes later I zoomed off to my place, I had work the next day,..meanwhile Nike my fiancee was away on some business trip, that made this easier but then I felt bad knowing that this could ruin everything. I kept on seeing Halima and soon after it became a daily routine, sometimes we'd go as far as making love in the kitchen, bathroom etc..

Someone was gonna get hurt and I had to make sure it wasn't gonna be me, so I tried avoiding Halima which She obviously noticed.One evening she decided to track me back to my cartel on my way back from work. I was stunned and at that point could not give a good reason why I was avoiding her. she insisted on spending the night with me and that led to the usual, but this time she had a game plan, It was too late to resist coz I had fallen into her trap..soon after Nike was back in the country..I had not heard from Halima ever since our last meeting , then she showed up at my office on a Monday shortly before lunch..I offered her a sit. Then she told me she was feeling feverish ,she had not seen her menses within the last 31days and that she had not seen any other man after our last meeting.. i felt indifferent initially coz i thought this was some sorta joke bt then she pressed on, that sent shivers down my spine..then I realised that i was in some deep shit..

The following week Nike returned back to the country and she noticed a lot of changes including the fact that I was always thinking and kinda lost while she was trying to keep the conversations going, this was rare tho..she became so suspicious of my movements, she would check my phones and we kept fighting frequently,..I was torn in between in the two 2months later and I got a text from Halima saying "I'm pregnant", you can almost bet that she kept it, and that's the reason Nike left me and on top of all that it wasn't even mine, I went and got paternally tested.


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