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Eight(8) Places Guys Can Get Positive Response From Single Ladies When They Ask Them Out

Eight(8) Places Guys Can Get Positive Response From Single Ladies When They Ask Them Out

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I detest guys who are in the habit of chasing ladies shamelessly at rowdy places such as market and bus terminus as if they are dumb cocks without considering the fact that these ladies will never listen nor give in to their sweet words.

However there are considerable places where once you approach a lady, she will give you the necessary audience hence your love story will start immediately with her.

Such places where you can woo a single lady and will get positive feedback are;

1. Lounge

There is this notion that the kind of ladies you will meet at lounges possess quality personality. The probability to hold a meaningful conversation and receive positive feedback from a lady in such relaxed environment is very high except if she is already taken. 

2. Airport

There is tendency for a guy to win a lady’s heart in this place if he approaches the lady in a decent manner owing to the conducive and friendly atmosphere. That reminds me of the first time I was about to board an aeroplane, the beauty of laveda caught my attention when I was being attended to by the customer service agent. As a smart guy who cannot resist her radiance, I didn’t know when I made the approach to request for her number and since then our love story has been wonderful. cheesy

3. Resort/Suite/Hotel

This captivating place provides enough swags for guys to woo a lady, even for those who are too shy to express their feelings on a normal day. I am sure that a lot of couples can testify that this is one of the best places you can meet your love partner.

4. Beach


Apart from the fact this place is a relaxation and fun fair environment, it creates an avenue to meet someone you can have dialogue with. I have lost counts of guys who told me that they met their girlfriends at eleguisi beach, badagry beach, and others.

5. Party


Ladies can bear me witness that guys who are bold enough to woo them during wedding ceremony, birthday parties, get together, etc have become their boyfriend or husband because this place curtail love celebration.

6. Eatery


The chances are high to receive a positive response when you walk up to a lady in this place. Though a guy needs to be clever in order not be seen as an ATM machine/a maga by the lady he wants to woo.

7. Cinema


The tendency for guys to receive a welcoming reply from a lady he approaches in places such as silverbird cinema, ozone, and others is high.

8. Entertainment shows


Places such as concerts and comedy shows are good grounds for guys to catch big fish cheesy. The reason is obvious as ladies dress to kill in order to receive compliments and love requests from guys.

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