Health Hazards of Microwaved Food? Should You Stop Eating It? Part 2

So, is it safe to microwave your food?

Absolutely! Let me first clear the misconception that foods cooked or heated in a microwave oven become “radioactive” or retain microwave energy. They do not! When people say they cause loss of nutrients in food, they forget that boiling causes loss of nutrient too. Some are lost in the boiling water and other through the heat.

I have also seen messages circulated sometimes by email that microwaving food in plastics causes a substance called dioxin to leach into the food. Dioxin is not present is plastic material. It is only produced when plastic is burned. As long as you don’t burn the food in your plastic container in the microwave, you aren’t exposing yourself to dioxins.

According to an article by the World Health Organization (WHO), using a microwave oven to heat your food is as safe as using a conventional oven. Nutrients are both lost in the two methods of cooking/heating.

Also Read: Excerpts from WHO affirming that microwaved foods are safe

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