Health Hazards of Microwaved Food? Should You Stop Eating It?

In one of my previous posts where I discussed the misconceptions people have about irradiated foods and answered the question asking if irradiated foods are safe, I promised to talk about microwaving of foods. Just like irradiated foods, many people believe that microwaved foods are not safe. Worse, some don’t even know that microwaving and irradiating foods are two different processes, making use of different technologies. I will explain all about it in this post.

What is the difference between Microwaved & Irradiated Foods?

To treat foodstuffs with radiation, they are exposed to a radioactive source, for a set period of time to achieve a desired dose. Radiation may be emitted by a radioactive substance producing Gamma rays, or by X-ray and electron beam accelerators.

food in microwave oven
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This is how a microwave works – It makes use of an electronic tube called a magnetron. When you switch on the microwave oven, the microwaves are dispersed in the oven cavity and reflected by a stirrer fan such that the microwaves are propagated in all directions. They are reflected by the metal sides of the oven cavity and absorbed by the food. Uniformity of heating in the food is usually assisted by having the food on a rotating turntable in the oven. Water molecules vibrate when they absorb microwave energy, and the friction between the molecules results in heating which cooks the food.

So, is it safe to eat microwaved foods? To be continued...

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