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scam alert

I recently opened a seller account on KAYMU.COM.NG with store name “omobiles”. The link to the store is http://www.kaymu.com.ng/seller/omobiles/. A day after opening the store, that is on the 25th of July, 2015 at exactly 10:36am, I got a mail from KAYMU that I have a new order.

Find the order details below:

Important Order                            Details
Product color:                               Gold
Order number:                              208588242
Name of buyer:                            victoradebumi
Buyer Address:                            Abuja, Abuja (FCT), Abuja-Central Locations, Nigeria
Buyer phone:                               08123058430
Seller name:                                omobiles

Item name:                                           Apple iPhone 6 – 16GB – Gold
Item price:                                           ₦ 150,990
Quantity:                                             2
Delivery cost:                                     1,200
Total amount (incl. shipping cost):     303,180
Listing ends:                                       2015-11-22 13:17:07
Payment method:                               Pay on delivery/pickup
Delivery method:                               AIG Express (Delivery Service)
Listing ID:                                         AP029MAAP767NGBID-1074948

Some hours later, I received a call from a man who introduced himself as Blessed and said he noticed I just opened a store on KAYMU.COM.NG and he’s our new account manager. He called with mobile number, 08189205223. Some of you might say since the number is a normal mobile number I was supposed to be suspicious but other sellers can testify that account managers on KAYMU usually call with mobile numbers. If you are a seller on KAYMU, you’ll be familiar with that call. He talked a bit about my store and pointed out that I have not filled out my BANK information and it was very important I do that since that is where my cash will be remitted. He asked me to text him my bank account details so he’ll update for me but since I was already on the page, I told him I’ll do it myself. He ended the call and called back some minutes later to say he sees that I have updated my bank details and called out the details, which I confirmed. Please note that an outsider (One that is not a Kaymu staff) will not have had access to such backend information.

Then he said I already have an order and whenever someone orders an item that is worth that amount, they don’t allow cash on delivery(I am familiar with that because it’s the same policy on Konga too). So he said the customer has paid and I should go ahead to contact him and arrange shipment. I contacted the customer and he confirmed to me that he has paid to KAYMU. So I told him I’ll drop off at AIG as instructed by the KAYMU rep and it’ll take 3-5 working days for him to receive it. He stated his displeasure in the timing and begged that I use our own courier service. I told him that won’t be possible because he has already made payment to KAYMU so he said he’ll call KAYMU and persuade them to allow me use our courier service because he needed to present the phones as a gift on Thursday, which is in two days. Some minutes later, I got a call from the KAYMU staff and he said I could use our courier if they can deliver faster, so KAYMU will credit our account once delivery is confirmed.

I contacted our own courier and requested for express shipping. The parcel got to Abuja the next day and the Courier Company called me to tell me they’ve delivered. The buyer met them up and picked up. I called him to confirm and he confirmed it. So I called my KAYMU account manager and told him the parcel has been delivered. He said he had to confirm before transferring the cash to my bank account. He called back later to say he has confirmed delivery and my account will be credited within two hours. That was the last I heard of them. Both the buyer and the KAYMU account manager’s numbers were switched off.

I called the phone number on KAYMU website and explained to the lady I spoke to. She told me they don’t have any staff by that name and my items were not paid for. I requested to speak to her boss and I spoke to someone who insisted that the man is not their staff and he refused to do anything about it. I asked how the man knew my store information and my bank information if truly he wasn’t a staff but he had nothing reasonable to say. He even stopped taking my calls at a point. At the end of the day, I was told there was NOTHING KAYMU could do about it.

I am writing this as a concerned citizen to inform other possible victims of the fraudulent activities currently going on inside KAYMU.COM.NG. I was duped of Three hundred and four thousand naira(#304,000) and my job is on the line if I don’t pay back. Yours could be more. Beware of them!


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