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News: Alan Henning family: 'Numb with grief' following ISIS beheading

News: Alan Henning family: 'Numb with grief' following ISIS beheading

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 After pleas to spare the life of British aid worker Alan Henning went unanswered by the so-called Islamic State terror group, his family is "numb with grief" with the news that he has been beheaded.

"It is the news we hoped we would never hear. As a family we are devastated by the news of his death. There are few words to describe how we feel at this moment," his wife, Barbara, said in a written statement released Saturday by the United Kingdom's Foreign Office.

"... We always knew that Alan was in the most dangerous of situations but we hoped that he would return home to us. That is not to be."

News of Henning's beheading was made public Friday in a video released by ISIS, which blamed the killing on the UK for joining the U.S.-lead bombing campaign against the group in Iraq and Syria. In the same video, the group threatened the life of American aid worker Peter Kassig.

UK Prime Minister David Cameron called Henning's murder "absolutely abhorrent" and "completely unforgiveable," saying Britain must work with its allies to defeat ISIS.

"What we see with this organization is there's no level of depravity to which they will not sink. No appeals made any difference," he said, speaking Saturday at the Prime Minister's country house retreat, Chequers.

"...The fact this was a kind, gentle, compassionate and caring man who had simply gone to help others, the fact they murdered him in the way they did, shows what we are dealing with, and this is going to be our struggle there. With others, we must do everything we can to defeat this organization"

But Cameron also warned the fight against ISIS, also known as ISIL, would not be quick.

The Prime Minister said he had held briefings with senior military and intelligence advisers and others, "to make sure we do everything that we can, whether that is taking down these hateful videos from the Internet, whether it's stopping preachers of hate, whether it's prosecuting those who glorify terrorism, whether it's working with others to defeat ISIL in the region."

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