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Nnebedum Patrick Typical Naija response to anything. Ppl would rather kill or shoot down a messenger, than pay attention to the message. Alot of u speak of ur culture. Have u wondered y u lag behind in almost every social and economic level in terms of development and civilization. Becus, an injustice and incompetence is part of ur culture does not make it any less and injustice.

Divine Favour Adamma - says
So four more girls escaped from the forest
and found their way home? Good news
indeed, but before we all celebrate, let me
asks this stupid questions, since am a
1. Through all that bush, how did they know
their way home?
1a. Was it a familiar terrain?
1b. Or were they dropped off at home?
2. Where did they escape from?
2a. Was it from Boko Haram or the State
2b. Are they sure they escaped an actual
forest or an imaginary forest?
3. Is it the same Sambisa forest the army
can't conquer its paths?
3a. Or is it the one created by the new
found film industry "BornoWood"??
4. How did four teens escape where adults
haven't in a commando style?
4a. Was Boko haram sleeping?
4b. If no; How many did they kill before
they escaped?
5. When did they escape, morning, afternoon
or night?
5a. Did they eat before their escape?
5b. Did they escape before the daily 15 dose
of rape per day or after the dose may have
been administered?
Please those who strongly believe they were
kidnap girls, Please attempt all questions.
Clap for yourself Shettima Bornowood
deserve an oscar for this movie "Chibok
Invisible girls!!!

Toriola Abidemi - says
This our country is just somehow

Fadesola Adetosoye - says
Nigerian leaders have a lot to learn about leadership traits

Adebayo Asuni - says
Too much power drunk, that is the reason...

Nnebedum Patrick - says
@ joana u r wise beyond ur years. A very intelligent post. We suffer, because Nigeria and all of sub-sahara africa are mostly populated by pple with the mindset of these culture-obsessed on here. It was once our culture to kill twins, does it make it right snd acceptable. It is still some pple's culture to marry their daughter's off at tender ages, and they girls must do ss their fathers and husbands demand. How frustrating it is to read the minds of our youth in this day and age. And we wonder why we suffer and thirst when we r surronded by fountains.

Damola Adegbuyi - says
If u re a Nigeria u should be ashame of yourself. You will always be a slave of the western way of life and their illusion of fake freedom. There can't be integration without proud of who u here. If u can call where u re from animal Kingdom. U re definitely hopeless.i ll be happy if u re nt Nigerian , pls just stop calling urself one.i mean pls.

Tosyne Goldberg - says
Sodipe Lmao! 9ja for life!

Adebowale Okubanjo - says
It is a shame as Nigerians we do not get it! So this picture proves what???

Olusegun Wisdom - says
Nigeria '' leaders'' are stupid task master.

Olusegun Wisdom - says
they are all baby but people called them leader. kangaroos.

Virgo Virgo - says
truely animal kingdoms and animal leaders

Yusuf Balogun - says
I wonder why some pple don't knw d important of dis social network site..imagine some one calling her own country animal kingdom...thunder fire u and ur generation... Idiot

Tony Ezeanyika - says
photo shop for GEJ. Have never seen him with walking stick

Odaro Ogunsuyi - says
Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha. I was amazed wen I saw Ban ki Moon carrying his own coat $ briefcase walking into the UN headquarters without any help not even a single security personel with him. Not until the security bcame aware of an Aljazeera reporter who was pestering the President to say sumtin about an accusation linking the UN to a cholera outbreak in haiti, that two men came to escort the president out of the building hours later. I was amazed cos if na naija as Presido dey enter anywhere even him office na entourage must follow am waka, crowd am like say na honey comb. Na real wa!!!

Olusegun Wisdom - says
Anybody that want to get to that position next time should be properly trained and assessed.

Yusuf Balogun - says
@virgo u are very stupid for that comment is not ut fault is d fault of some stupid fellow among us...Mtcheeeww

Olusegun Wisdom - says
he had become advance. one of the sign of a great leader in Nigeria is walkin stich

Kachi Ibe This picture is pointless just because they are carrying their own bags doesn’t make them any more intelligent. They carry their own bags just to score political point on how hard they are working to full people like they person that just posted this picture. No president should carry their own luggage, that’s why you have aides. Be proud of your culture that’s what defines you as a person.

Luke Chidi Nwamama - says
This poster is a proper idiot. Your father lives in an animal kingdom. It's easy why is your father not the president. Big goat.

Tony Festus - says
Can u see... Black initiatives.....

Prince Adetayor - says
Bank Bills Na Real Animal President...Village man

Fricanna Press - says
To each his own! Being different doesn't make one uncivilized. This goes exactly along the beliefs of racists and colonialists. Colonialists called us uncivilized just because we had different cultures. Respect each other's cultures. SMH. Shame on you,

Joy Lolade Afagwu - says
@ Kachi Ibe, former Venezuelan president normally drive himself to anywhere he is going to, how abt dat?

Bridget Sorbari Ndiomu - says
Who ever posted this is a Boko Haram and should be arrested for insulting my beloved country.

Ohene Karikari - says
African have proper manners thats why we will not let our head of state carry his own bags..

Musa Yax - says
u are all bafoons...!!!

Zuzu TheGracious - says
Well truth hurts but I agree with the writer, animal Kingdom indeed

Aguku Chidi Louis - says
Our custom differs guys

Adeagbo Mayowa Oluwaseun - says
Does these make sense.....animal kingdom indeed

Ola Bankole - says
Respect ur culture

Kato Gogo Kingston - says
You must be very stupid to refer to our country as animal Kingdom. You are the animal

Nasiru Sunny Oseni - says
The white man has something to hide. An African can leave his stuff with his brother man. Lol.

Mike Effiong - says
Dis kind president.....Osuofia in London

Owhowho O. Oghenekaro - says
Some of these people making these comments ain't Nigerians ooo.
Well I'm proud to announce to those who think that Nigeria is an animal kingdom that Nigeria is an envy to the rest of the world.
Even the American economy is nothing without Nigeria. Ask Obama, he'll tell u.
Why do u think they are all yearning over the years to find their way into this country?
Whoever posted dis is indeed an animal a specieless animal @that.
You look @people who have no morals, who have no culture, who have no way of life and u call them civilized.
And u relegate dis great nation to an animal kingdom??
I blame ur father for growing such an irresponsible animal!!

Valentine Aikhu Nasiru - says
Sunny Oseni that is probably the dumbest conclusion that could be made from looking at this picture.

Cordelia Adekunle - says
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Temitayo Aghedo - says
Nothing wrong with helping a man in authority to carry his bag. Some help their oga to carry his bag, so why should someone not help the president of a nation carry his bag. And for your information, Nigerians are not animals, Mr Foolish. Nigerians are the most hard working people I've ever seen. Nigerians and Ghanians are the hardest working black people in the UK. We are not animals at all.

Paul Eteghrara Na God 9 go punished d person wen post dis rubbish na ur mama wen nor no ur papa come 4 animal kingdom, 4 inside cows village.

Akua Twumwaah - says
Y'all get too worked up sometimes. An opinion is an opinion whether it is "dumb" or not.

Oladapo Olowe - says
This is an animalistic post and I'm sure the person who came up with this post has an animal mentality. Enough of this bullshit, Leaders are to be treated with respect and total submission no matter where in the world. Watch what your comments towards leaders cause saying negative things against leaders is the greatest insubordination. If you point a hand to say a leader is bad that means you're also a bad follower. Let's defend our Leaders, I'm proud to have president Goodluck Jonathan as my president despite his flaws.#omonaija4sure

Kelechi Emmanuel - says
Cameron and Obama werent in power yet at this time. Create a level playing field for comparison please

Chioma Success Julius - says
pls you guys shud not pour such insult on a president!!! that is ours for God sake are you nation builders or killers
you can never say anytin good abt your country. animals

Ruby Opal Naa Comiley - says
I think u are bafoon.Musa Yax

James Jang - says
See photoshop na.. Like we wont know the difference.. Abegie, tell dat person to go sleep.. We know photoshop wen we see one...

Esan 'pitality' Peter - says
The level of bigmanism in our politicians is unprecedented yet, there's nothing in their brain other than corruption, stealling, occultism and wickedness. #mtchww

Queendalyn Chioma - says
There is power in d tongue.i really can't get anything from d post.u can't open ur mouth n call wot God created animals.if God want every1 to be animals,he wuld ve done so.may my God forgive u.AMEN

Oluwayinka Oluwaseyi Kolade - says
Somewhere in an animal kingdom?! Fuck the post real good!!

Patricia Oluku -says
Please find something better to talk about

Chidi Omoke Omoke Money is goin out

Olu Shego Our cuitural is difference from their own, simple....

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