Séx, Money, Everything: My Boyfriend Has Finished Me

Dear iReporter, I'm a sad lady as am writing this note and I know life can be like that sometimes but why is it that some men can't just love a lady the way she want to be loved after she would have invested so much in their relationship. Bwt,  financially, emotionally and most importantly my body, to make him happy?

I'm a matured lady who is not looking for too much, just a sincere man who will love me and share what I have with me, truthfully, not for selfish reasons. My boyfriend has just shattered my heart that I don't know if I can trust any man again. I'm cryng over this matter and it's because it's a painful experience.

We started dating early last years and he's just a struggling man who doesn't have a steady job but that is what I want as I have enough money from my own and I don't need a man who is too busy that he may not have time for me. He moved into my house and I started giving him everything including my body...

He lives as if he is the owner of the house and drives my cars. These cars were bought by my dad but now it all belongs to me. I shared everything with him. I exposed everything about my wealth to him and in turn asked him to love me without deceit. But what did I get? He is married with a young daughter in Abia State and only came to Lagos to hustle. He never told me until it was too late.

Since I found out, his wife has been calling and threatening me with spiritual attack if I don't stop slééping with her husband and 'using his glory'. Just imagine the insult! What did I do wrong?

Please, are there still sincere men in this Lagos? Am very confused!!!!! -- Ms S.T.
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