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Another policeman caught on video demanding dollars as bribe

Another policeman caught on video demanding dollars as bribe

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The policeman

Like a recurring decimal, another policeman has been caught on video demanding American dollars after apprehending a Nigerian-American and two other Nigerians for alleged traffic offence(s).
A three-minute, 45-second footage secretly filmed by one of the passengers detailing the encounter of the trio, in the hands of the policeman, has become a sensation on YouTube and other social networking sites.

One of the three, who later spoke in Yoruba, was heard explaining to the policeman that one of them was actually celebrating his birthday and that they were hurrying to catch up with a friend. The incident, according to the description given on YouTube, was said to have happened in the Egbeda area of Lagos.

“Arrange dollars. Give us dollars,” the AK-47-wielding policeman, who was alone while the encounter lasted, declared to a well-built passenger who had been making efforts to pacify him.

The cop who was comfortably sitting at the back seat of the car from where he negotiated the dollar-bribe subsequently ordered the passenger back into the vehicle with a view to kick-starting the negotiation.

The Nigerian-American quickly cut in to explain that he wasn’t carrying any dollars on him and that he was only on vacation in the country.

“I don’t have dollars. If we had got dollars that would have been fine. If we had dollars it would be cool. We only have naira,” the passenger who spoke with what can be described as an American accent, said.

The third passenger also tried in vain to dissuade the policeman from insisting on taking the bribe in dollars. One of the passengers,  on noticing his resolve to take bribe,  offered him a bribe of N700 which the policeman promptly rejected.

“This is N700. What is the value of N700? I need dollars. Let us go and change it (naira to dollars). Bring better thing. That one is no money. That one is not money,  I don tell you finish oo,” he said with a scornful look.

After ruminating on the development for a few seconds, the policeman who appeared determined to take the bribe in dollars thereafter offered to give the passengers  a description of where the offices of bureau de change operators are situated in the area.

“They are changing it (money) here. There is a bureau de change (operator) here,” he explained while pointing towards the right hand side of the location where they were stationed.

When one of them brought up the idea of putting a call through to an influential person who they named as “Uncle” to bail them out of their predicament, the policeman became furious,  saying, “Call! Who you go call? I am not doing illegal duty.”

At a point when it appeared that they were not forthcoming on giving him the bribe, the policeman threatened to take them to the police station where they might face bigger sanctions for the alleged contravention of the traffic law.

“Start your motor make we go office. Let’s go to station,” he yelled at the guys.

 After the car driver pleaded with him not to carry out his threat, he calmed down and started renegotiating again.

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