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Windows 8.1 - A FREE update to Windows 8-is coming later this year

Windows 8.1 - A FREE update to Windows 8-is coming later this year

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In June 2013, 6,000 attendees from around the world saw what’s next on the Microsoft Platform through three days of keynotes, immersive content, hackathons and deep technical sessions during our annual Build Conference.

In our Day 1 Keynote, Steve Ballmer opened the show with a global view of the one Microsoft experience. Julie Larson-Green and Antoine Leblond then unveiled the refined Windows 8.1 end-to-end experience and outlined the developer opportunity to create and implement great ideas and differentiate in market.
On Thursday Satya Nadella and Scott Guthrie kicked off the day with the Day 2 Keynote. The team also demonstrated why Windows Azure is the best platform for building services that embrace the emerging cloud/device application pattern with the general availability of Windows Azure Web Sites and Windows Azure Mobile Services.
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Dele Akinsade
Developer Platforms Evangelist Lead - West East and
Central Africa & Indian Ocean Islands

Windows 8.1: Be one of the first to try it
Get Windows 8.1 NOW

Windows 8.1-a FREE update to Windows 8-is coming later this year, and a prerelease version is available now for you to try. Try Windows 8.1 Update yourself  Find new ways to personalize your PC including a wave of awesome new apps and services.

Productivity vs. Fun

Productive and FunFor all developers it’s time to combine PRODUCTIVITY AND FUN. Watch the Windows 8.1 Preview Product Guide for Developers here. Understand how Windows 8.1 evolves the platform to enable the next wave of extra-ordinary Apps innovation. Be one of our innovative developers and start developing. In Windows 8.1 Preview, apps continue to take center stage, introducing new ways to interact with the system and more opportunities for customers to immerse themselves in your content. Consumers and business users can experience Windows in ways that are familiar and comfortable, yet new and exciting.

Develop on Windows 8.1: Start from here

Want to start developing for Windows 8.1? Get all the tools and SDK FREE only by clicking here. Start the fun and the true enjoyment experience in the world of Expert Developers.

Start the Fun: Develop an Accessible Windows 8.1 Apps

Start the Fun: Develop an Accessible Windows 8.1 AppsClick here and don’t miss the chance of developing a fully accessible Windows 8.1 applications. Watch the video to get all the information on the new accessibility features that are built into Windows 8.1. Don’t miss the tips and tricks to make the best out of your App. Don’t wait and click NOW.

Gaming: Build the Game on 8.1
Gaming: Build the Game on 8.1Having the tools, SDK and the know-how of having an Accessible Windows 8.1 Apps, then nothing is there to stop you from developing your first Windows 8.1 Game. Watch this Video and start it. As Games are by far the most popular and FUN category of applications on the Windows desktop and Store. Be the Gamer.

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