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Recently a large number of public was incorrectly informed that they had won through annual visa lottery system where they can on the spot apply for their U.S. visa. This led to rise in number of hopes amongst them but was led down when they came to know that it was fraudulent.

Now these victims are planning to sue the federal government of the country so that regain the losses they have suffered.

As told by the estimate around 22,000 in May this year were informed that they are entitled to apply for U.S, visas after passing the background checking requirements. They have been told through the Diversity Visa Lottery Program. Under this program foreign immigrants from the countries having low immigration rates to US are allowed to apply for the visas out from 55,000 available under this scheme.

But after 15 days of such intimation given to the people the immigration authorities again told them that the selection has now no applicability as it was titled because of computer system improper working.
The immigration authorities have selected the ones who applied on the first two days of the application process rather they should have selected randomly not on first cum first serve basis.

The U.S. government authorities Gil's attorney and Kenneth White told the applicants the truth of this lottery. They said that it is very said to inform them as this proves to be damageable for the people who entrusted and made their plans accordingly.

Now a new lottery for the same purpose is scheduled to for 15th of July this year, in which the first rounder’s from the previous lottery are also eligible, but qualifying ones will only be accepted not the others.

This system of lottery was first started in the year 1994 by the Congress, in which the state Department asks the Diversity Visa Lottery, which is free for all the immigrants from the different countries. This came up with sole reason to raise the number of immigrants so that they may contribute in the development of the country.

In this the lottery usually selects 90,000 from the large number of online entries received. Then the number is selected 50,000 and the winners go through various immigration processes to finally get approved.

Under this scheme the one interested in getting visas till 2012 they should submit their entries from October 5 to November 3 this year.

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