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Marriage Visa is quite commonly known as Spousal Visa too. In case you get married to a citizen of Australia or even to a permanent resident or eligible citizen of New Zealand and or share a common law relationship with any such person mentioned above for a minimum period of 12 months then you get this visa.

The basic requirement

Your spouse will have to sponsor you for a minimum period of two years.

And of course, if the relationship continues further then you can make application for permanent resident ship too.

This visa opens the door for you to marry your finance in Australia within the validity period of visa which is nine months.

Some of the basic needs are

Both you and your spouse are committed to share your life as husband and wife, even if you are not married legally.
It should be a genuine association which must continue even further. Both of you have stay together.
You must have lived together for a minimum of 12 months or so.
Both you and your spouse should be above 18 years of age.
It is very important to meet the criteria for health and character.

The cost of visa

When you make an application for visa, you must know well that it would not be refunded back to you even if you want to withdraw the same. Sometimes, the application made is refused or rejected by the authorities; even then you cannot expect to get the money back.

The advantages of this visa

You can enter Australia even before you get married to your fiancé.
You have the legal right to enter and leave the country any number of time you wish to, before the visa gets expired, which means within nine months.
You are eligible to work in Australia.
You are eligible to make applications for Partner visa after you have got married to your fiancé.
If you stay in Australia and have applied for Partner Visa then you try and use various benefits like expenses on medical treatment or hospital care, or Medicare or any such expenditure.
Some exceptions to the law
There is no need to wait for two year period
If you have been in association with your spouse for more than 5 years while you are applying for the visa.
If you have dependent children and you have been in the relationship for two years at the time of making application.
If your spouse received a “permanent visa” on humanitarian grounds or he or she may have been awarded a “protection visa”.

Getting a permanent residency status before completing two years

Unfortunately if the spouse passes away before the period of two years gets completed.
If you or the dependent children have faced any kind of domestic violence.

Marriage Visa can open many avenues for someone who wants to marry and stay in Australia, provided one meets the entire given requirement and comply with the rules and regulations of application.

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