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AdSense Academy

AdSense Academy

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Welcome to the AdSense Academy! This is a place where you can learn everything to set up and run a successful AdSense account. The Academy consists of six different sections, from implementing your ad units to trying extra features and products. Each section is covered by a checklist with different tabs that guides you through the necessary steps you need to take.

1. Implement your ad units

The first step to start with Google AdSense is understanding our policies and implementing your first ad unit. Read or watch the content in each tab and don’t forget to check the “I’m done” button as you go!

 2. Get paid

It’s time to talk about your payments! Make sure you take all of the necessary steps to get paid on time. Don’t forget to check off each step as it’s completed with the “I’m done” button.


Please familiarize yourself with our best practices for a successful AdSense implementation. In this section we’ll discuss tips regarding ad format, ad type, ad style, ad position and ad coverage.

4. Taking control

Take some time to explore how our system delivers ads to your site, and the tools at your disposal to control which ads appear.

5. Track your success

Stay on track and steer yourself to learn about AdSense reporting. This concept is key to gaining insight into your performance and making smart decisions to increase your revenue.

6. Try more features and products

Time for the final section of the AdSense Academy! Try these additional ad formats and products for maximum coverage and content monetization.

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