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How does it feel to have your grandmother’s face on the highest currency note in Nigeria? Join Seun Kuti, grandson of late Funmilayo Kuti, one of the women whose image has been approved to appear on the proposed N5000 notes, on G+ Hangout on Monday by 2pm to discuss how the family reacted to the proposed new notes. You can also ask him any question about his music, family and life using the hashtag #askseunkuti

Nigerians React chijioke umentaAug 27, 2012

Richard JuliusAug 27, 2012
No probs lets hear your view

Phil AhmaduAug 27, 2012

Eri OluwaAug 27, 2012+2
That was not what the woman stood for.

Braimah AbdulrasakAug 27, 2012
I can't miss it

Eromosele DanielAug 27, 2012

Oluwafemi AkinwaAug 27, 2012

Tidjane DEMEAug 27, 2012
Great. +Eromosele Daniel it should be on the G+ page of +Channels Television 

Tosin OladeokinAug 27, 2012 anyway is okay to be on it in order to remembered him always .. It should be

Osadolor AsemotaAug 27, 2012
Am here waiting, 2pm right

Abdullateef AbdulsalamAug 27, 2012
What time exactly is the hangout; 2pm or 19:00?

Abdulrasheed SoladoyeAug 27, 2012+1
I was expecting the media to criticize the new naira note policy but... disappointingly, its the other way round...#sad 

Egunjobi OmolajaAug 27, 2012
Were is the address please I beg you Evang. KOYO

Adekoya BoladaleAug 27, 2012+2
What is there to be celebrated in our hyper inflation. This is absurd and am sure the woman would never support such devilish plan if she was alive.. Is a total right step in the wrong direction.. Seun beware 

bolaji ladipoAug 27, 2012
I will be very glad indeed. Should I send my GrandMa Picture Now!

Arigbede MosesAug 27, 2012+1
Its almost 2:00 pm. Where is the Hangout?

Ademola TayoAug 27, 2012
Yes am waiting ooo Cuz i could av been busy with my Essay now but waiting for the hang out

Tunde OgunlanaAug 27, 2012 (edited)+4
Fellow Nigerians, why are we so insensitive to what matters in such a time as this? Is introduction of higher currency the next thing we should be talking about in this country? Have we taken cognisance of the the aftermath of this on the value of naira and the countries economy? Please, let's think and not make lives worse for the poor masses. Don't let us major on the minor and begin to minor on the major.............................As if all these Boko Haram killings is not an issue to be sober of; with a big launch to eradicating the menance........................ How about the issue of electric power supply and other sectors that are close to dead. The N40b, if honestly invest on electric power supply, for instance, the will be a great boost on the economy. Where did we get this idea for crying out loud? What have we achieved from the ones we've done so far. God Bless Nigeria! Expand this comment »

Osadolor AsemotaAug 27, 2012+2
Even if you put the face of Christ or Mohammed in the Naira note it makes no economic sense................. 1. you will encourage corruption, 2. Pricing will start at N50 because Nigerians will never use coins, 3. Its an avenue for Sanusi to loot money and empower themselves, 4. This policy or process contradict the so called cash-lite or cashless policy also introduced by Sanusi. Finally its obvious that our so called leaders are thieves and always device a means to loot and another means is printing and creating new naira notes.

Ademola TayoAug 27, 2012
Hey Folks when is the hang out gonna be? Been sitting here since.

Akande Fatai AdewaleAug 27, 2012

David NdelekwuteAug 27, 2012
My grandmother should not be immortalized on a currency that will cause inflation and satisfy the greed of some leaders. 

Abdullateef AbdulsalamAug 27, 2012
Nice one Seun and Channels TV for pulling this together.....I guess more to come... Eze KwesiliAug 27, 2012
I feel is a pretense by the Nigeria Government showing respect for human right, which my mother and the rest of these women activist fought for; indeed is quit unfortunate as the new N5000.00 Naira note does not justify the the Nigeria means.

Fionnuala Nyekwap JibrinAug 27, 2012+1
Isn't it going to cost alot of money to have the these notes made? It's not that we even need them, by the way. I wish they could channel their efforts into something else. The CBN musn't show they are doing their job by inventing more radical strategies which will cause more harm than good.

David NdelekwuteAug 27, 2012 What is the point of Cashless policy if CBN will print a note that will encourage carrying more money with easy. 


Ikenna NzeribeAug 27, 2012 I see my face in the future N1,000,000.00 notes............Hope dey.

chris chimeziemAug 27, 2012 It this new notes our priority at this point. By the way was CBN not involved in the fraudulent subsidy payment. Have they settled on how to reverse their stand on subsidy removal, claiming the country is going broke. now all of a sudden, we are printing new notes. It is so easy to say the president is clueless. It is people like the CBN governor that is attracting insult to the president and the country at large.WE DON"T THESE 5000NAIRA NOTES. 

Segun AbiolaAug 27, 2012
Sometime i wonder if this our so called leaders knows what they are doing.....For Mr. Sanusi isn't he aware of the inflation and the devalue it gonna ve on our other currency? is it cashlite to go around with 10 notes of that? and for the Kuti family......it's an honor well deserved but i guess such honors in times like this is absurd!

AWE EMMANUELAug 27, 2012+1
i am just confused about the state of this Nation as at present but hoping future will be steady. God help nigeria

newton avogadroAug 27, 2012+1
I am surprised to hear that our top priority in Nigeria is to print 5000 naira note.I can't understand the reason for this at the moment when we are supposed to think of curbing insecurity in the country.Besides, can this bring improvement in the national economy? God help us

Spencer SoyemiAug 28, 2012+1
Fela would flip in his grace and tell God to please just allow some leaders to come to hell on time. In all honesty Nigeria is a nation full of corrupt, idiotic old men, who the good Lord has made stupid with their ill gotten wealth. Their children, not grand kids are unhappy even with all the millions spent on cars, houses, champagne and women/men for sexual benefits. One day there would be a clamp down and even the protest in Egypt, Syria and Iraq would be nothing like what would happen. Except we repent and do what is right for the future of this country.

Those accepting bribes and giving bribes, please beware, the wrath of corruption would come down on you all. Your oil wells can't save you, your Degrees that are by no means worth more than the paper it is printed in would not save you, your homes in foreign countries would not save you, your swiss accounts would not save you.

The stupid lecturers teaching outdated courses in schools and giving marks for handouts and sleeping with your students for marks, the bankers changing figures, the insurance companies cashing out on clients claims, the stock market making people suffer to collect their share certificates, to make sure they can't trade, the land bureau civil servant changing documents of deceased land owners to theirs, the PHCN official selling meters at outrageous cost and not delivering, please remember the days of NITEL, when we would pay 200,000.00 Naira for a line that never comes, carry ladders and all we would get would be a cable with a box without a line, whatever happened to NITEL staff pensions? Believe it or not one day the change would come, your children would rise against you for the curses you have brought upon them.

I refused to be part of the system, I have suffered much, but being a fraud examiner is sweet, one can see right through you all.

Prediction 2013
We best do what we can do to save ourselves from the evil that looms over our heads.
Fellow Nigerians...stop thinking the way you have been used to! Expand this comment »

Arigbede MosesAug 28, 2012
Guys, remember the time when the almighty sent Babylonian king Nebuchadnezzar to the forest for 7 years eating grass, i think the same should happen to Sanusi, Johnathan, Madueke, and Ngozi (just to mention a few). They should only spend 6 months at the cattle ranch in Kano or Maiduguri. During the period, if any question is asked of them, they will only be able to respond with a resounding Mooooo.

Ajala JohnAug 28, 2012

kamal bayo knightAug 28, 2012
if my granma worth to be there, why not....

sani jallabaAug 28, 2012
yes woooo

Mkpanam EyoAug 28, 2012
Whao! Just like every other thing posiive, i'l feel great.

Joel AdogaAug 28, 2012+1
Nigeria is a guinea pig for these guys. My mother will not be a part of their wickedness. Use the billions budgeted for the printing to take away the misery in the eyes of our youth. We don't need new naira notes but job for countless frustrated graduates.
I bet, the colonial masters will not behave like our present day leaders.
Today, what we have is a colonization by our kinsmen - greedy and confused! Expand this comment »

ozoemelam charlesAug 28, 2012+1
well having my grandmother's face on the highest currency, by the way having N5000 notes at this time we are just trying to cope with cashless economy is contradictory to the policy and intensions, i think my grandmother's face shouldn't be on a currency that will contribute to economic hardship of the Nation .

adeleke shinaAug 28, 2012+2
all what we expected from this people is putting smile into poor man's face not bringing 5000 Naira note into consideration, more crime rate, joblessness, killing of innocent life by boko haram, corruption, and the likes, these are the things fellow Nigerian want our government to do for us. 

apara segunAug 28, 2012
hi every body? you all have spoken well enough but one of the most important aspect of seeing ourselves Gods way invoives developing a prosperous mind set. And two....as we have already established,how we see how ourselvs we make or break us.understand God as already equiped you wtih every thing you need to live a properous life.he planted you "seed" filled with possiblities,incredible potencials ,creative ideas,and dreams.but just because those things are within you does not mean they will do you any good.you have to start tapping into them.in otherwords you ve got to believe beyound a shadow of a dout that you have what it takes.mind you you must always keep in mind that you are a child of the most high GOD and you wre created for great things."note"God dindnt create you to be average.God created you to excel,and His given you abilty,insigth,talent,ideas and wisdom,and his supernatural power to do so.you have evrything you need rigth now to fufill your God-given destiny.so i am suggesting that despite there short coming in delivering well to the mercies we should just hold on to GOD and belive in him for supernatural turn arround soon.by Expand this comment »

samuel matthewAug 28, 2012
to me is kind of cool stuf bt why dis wn the contrey is hard femi or nt cuti we still leav in the same pain what we nid is freedoom frm all the cus

Prince Ade-JohnsonYesterday 1:33 AM
5000 note. Absolute nonsense. Cashless today, N5000 note and coins tomorrow. Confused minds flocking together.

divine hitzYesterday 4:30 AM
this is just absolute nonsense,how could they introduced cashless and still coming up with 5000 note.it very painful that there no LAW in nigeria cos' the family of kuti could have sue them..all this just the way to steal more... note more rituals cos' those that have there money through rituals will need to update it.GOD save our land.

chris ogwumikeYesterday 8:51 AM
Federal Government should, emphasis on issues that will take our country to another level, like promoting exportation of our local goods to other countries, that alone will boost our economy, rather than seeking a way to embezzle money.

Chizoba EgbuchulemYesterday 10:04 AM
I thought we were supposed to go cashless, why the introduction of N5000 note?I think the CBN Governor is confused,it was his tenure that he introduced new coins to Nigeria economy but nobody used them even in Lagos it was rejected. Why is he thinking of Changing N5,10,20 to coins?Believe me when this is done nobody would want to use the coin or carry them about it will only make things worse for the poor cos everything in the Market will definitely increase.

ridwan adekunleYesterday 10:11 AM

jayboy uchennaYesterday 12:00 PM
what is de problem with sanusi i think he is looking 4 a way of looting our money

Prince Ade-JohnsonYesterday 1:23 PM
Hello Jayboy.

These people are very very confused indeed. Cashless today, bigger currency tomorrow. It means you can even carry more money than it was possible before. They the looters can easily steal billions with small bags instead of "Ghana must go" bag. People of confused mind flocking together.

oreweh bensonYesterday 2:26 PM
i consider the issue at hand a sensitive one moreso,the CBN GOVERNOR should be able to work towards the area of creating job opportunities with other related bodies.the #5000 bill is just a short cut for more embezzlement by those in powers,if there is anything like public recognition Mr.President is in the best position to award those said women with a honours of our country eg OON, and others and not the #5000 bill we do not need it now if it comes out it would only reduce our money value.

Danjuma Ibrahim11:12 AM+1
Lets pray for Nigeria, with the mess is going on. Only God can save us, so lets all go on our kneels.

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