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5 Fitness Fixes for Silly Gadget Injuries

5 Fitness Fixes for Silly Gadget Injuries

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Who wants to be seen with cell-phone neck or laptop slouch? Dodge these pesky physical hazards caused by too much talking, texting, and typing

You’ve heard of carpal tunnel syndrome, but what about Wii-itis? These are just two of a host of tech-related injuries that are as painful as they are embarrassing to admit you’ve experienced. We’ve traded in writer’s bump for BlackBerry thumb, and with every new gizmo, we find some physical hazard that comes with it. “BlackBerry thumb and Wii elbow are similar to other overuse injuries that we’ve seen in the past,” says Mary Ann Wilmarth, DPT, chief of physical therapy at Harvard University and spokesperson for the American Physical Therapy Association. “They’re now more prevalent because we’re using our hands more for texting and typing.”

Don’t let these gadgets get the upper hand. When technology takes a toll, try these simple exercises to stretch and strengthen your hands, forearms, neck, and shoulders.

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