ASP is a powerful tool for making dynamic and interactive Web pages.

ASP is a powerful tool for making dynamic and interactive Web pages.
In our ASP tutorial you will learn about ASP, and how to execute scripts on your server.
Start learning ASP now!
Easy Learning with "Show ASP" This ASP tutorial contains more than 100 examples.
Our "Show ASP" tool makes it easy to learn ASP, it shows both the ASP source code and the HTML output of the code.
<% response.write("My first ASP script!") %>
An ASP file can contain text, HTML tags and scripts. Scripts in an ASP file are executed on the server.

What you should already know

Before you continue you should have some basic understanding of the following:
HTML / XHTML A scripting language like JavaScript or VBScript If you want to study these subjects first, find the tutorials on our Home page.

What is ASP?
ASP stands for Active Server Pages
ASP is a Microsoft Technology
ASP is a program that runs inside IIS
IIS stands for Internet Information Services
IIS comes as a free component with Windows 2000
IIS is also a part of the Windows NT 4.0 Option Pack
The Option Pack can be downloaded from Microsoft
PWS is a smaller - but fully functional - version of IIS
PWS can be found on your Windows 95/98 CD
ASP Compatibility
To run IIS you must have Windows NT 4.0 or later
To run PWS you must have Windows 95 or later
ChiliASP is a technology that runs ASP without Windows OS
InstantASP is another technology that runs ASP without Windows

What is an ASP File?
An ASP file is just the same as an HTML file
An ASP file can contain text, HTML, XML, and scripts
Scripts in an ASP file are executed on the server
An ASP file has the file extension ".asp"

How Does ASP Differ from HTML?
When a browser requests an HTML file, the server returns the file
When a browser requests an ASP file, IIS passes the request to the ASP engine. The
ASP engine reads the ASP file, line by line, and executes the scripts in the file. Finally, the ASP file is returned to the browser as plain HTML

What can ASP do for you?
Dynamically edit, change, or add any content of a Web page
Respond to user queries or data submitted from HTML forms
Access any data or databases and return the results to a browser
Customize a Web page to make it more useful for individual users
The advantages of using ASP instead of CGI and Perl, are those of simplicity and speed
Provide security - since ASP code cannot be viewed from the browser
Clever ASP programming can minimize the network traffic
Note: Because ASP scripts are executed on the server, the browser that displays the ASP file does not need to support scripting at all!

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