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How do I setup Outlook 2007?
Outlook 2007 is the standard program used for managing your email and calendar for a PC. To setup your Exchange account manually follow the instructions below. Setup your Exchange account with...
ICT/Multiple services Date Updated: 12/01/2012
How do I update my Entourage 2008 client once my email account has been upgraded to Exchange 2010?
Once your email account has been upgraded to Exchange 2010, you will not be able to access your email until you have upgraded your Entourage 2008 client. ICT suggests bookmarking this page...
ICT/Multiple services Date Updated: 23/01/2012
What Operating Systems are available?
You can choose between Windows XP Professional or Windows 7 for University owned/leased computers. Windows 7 is the default operating system (OS) for newly ordered computers through...
ICT/Software Date Updated: 03/02/2012
How do I get a copy of Adobe Master Collection CS5.5?
To obtain a copy of the Adobe Master Collection you will need to place a request by filling in the appropriate online form below. Before placing the order, please review the system requirements for...
ICT/Software Date Updated: 03/02/2012
How do I get a copy of MATLAB? Updated
To obtain a copy of MATLAB R2011, you need to submit a request using the appropriate online form below. The university has a TAH (Total Academic Headcount) site license for Matlab R2011. Included as...
ICT/Software Date Updated: 20/02/2012
How do I set up my University email on my Android?
You can set your Android phone to access your University Exchange email account, which allows you to send and receive emails. To set up your University Exchange email on your Android phone, follow...
ICT/Multiple services Date Updated: 14/12/2011
How do I get a copy of Red Hat Enterprise Linux?
You can download a copy of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.5 below. Please be certain to follow the instructions for a smooth installation. Download Red Hat Enterprise Linux Read the terms and conditions...
ICT/Software Date Updated: 28/11/2011
What statistics software is available through the University?
The University provides the following statistics packages for staff. These are available by download or you can request a copy through the ICT Helpdesk. Product Description GenStat A data...
ICT/Software Date Updated: 13/02/2012
How do I set up Outlook 2011?
Please note: To use Outlook 2011 to access your University email account, your account must first have been upgraded to Exchange 2010. If you have not been contacted by ICT to upgrade your email...
ICT/Multiple services Date Updated: 18/01/2012
How do I get a UniKey?
All permanent and contract staff have UniKey accounts created automatically for them once they are registered in the HR System. All students have a UniKey account created automatically for them once...
ICT/UniKey account management Date Updated: 30/01/2012

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