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6 tools to tame digital distraction

6 tools to tame digital distraction

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It's no secret that social media and other online sites are concentration killers. These 6 tools help you keep your focus in a noisy digital world.

With social media adding more destinations daily (Pinterest, anyone?) and news outlets refreshing by the minute rather than the hour, the ability to focus is becoming an endangered talent in corporate America.

Digital distractions not only torpedo your productivity, they can even impair your mental faculties, according to a 2009 Stanford University study that found that "media multitaskers" fared poorly at paying attention, controlling their memory and switching effectively from task to task.

It doesn't have to be that way. We found six tools, arranged in order of most- to least-restrictive, to help you banish distractions and restore discipline to your workday. We've even included a bonus tool just for you procrastinators.

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