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News: Nelson Mandela Death Rumor: Madiba is Alive!

News: Nelson Mandela Death Rumor: Madiba is Alive!

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Is Nelson Mandela Dead? No.

Nelson Mandela is not dead. The latest Twitter death rumor about the 93-year-old freedom fighter and former South African president is probably based on a report about his ex-wife.

Nelson Mandela Turns 93
Nelson Mandela Winnie Madikizela-Mandela was hospitalized to undergo minor foot surgery, but:

She isn't dead, and
She isn't Nelson Mandela.
Madiba suffered a collapsed lung in January 2011, and was taken to hospital in secret. This gave rise to a wave of death rumors.

Another writer wrote...
Nelson Mandela dead? Again? Well it's another week and another death hoax. This time the former president of South Africa got a turn, and yes, he is a repeat offender—just like Jackie Chan. Every few months someone gets bored and starts a rumor... it's just a new thing.

"Former South African President Nelson Mandela is alive and well despite rumours on social media sites on Tuesday that he has died," Reuters reports. His ex-wife, Winnie Madikizela-Mandela had a foot operation... but that doesn't translate to a foot in the grave for the 93-year-old sage.

Twitter—you should know better—was alive with tons of tweets about Nelson Mandela, having the man swimming with the fishes before checking reputable sources. Unfortunately he is an easy target because he's old and he has been sick in the past. He also doesn't live in the United States, making him an ideal hoax candidate. This won't be the last death hoax to spread on Twitter, but remember: If you don't see the information reported by CNN or Reuters, you shouldn't believe "RIP" tweets!

Note: Please, be careful on how you spread rumor, it kills and destroy human-hood.

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