Getting A Job Online

The economy is tight and many people are out of work. But there are jobs out there and many are advertised online. Read on for our guide to using the internet to track down prospective employers.

Finding a job is tough with the economy as it is, and the prevalence of the internet doesn’t change any of the basic rules. If you secure an interview, be punctual, presentable, polite and try to answer all the questions without waffling.

Draft an online CV

Many employers ask for a CV (and so do many job sites, as we’ll see in a minute) and a computer allows you to draft, play around with it and make the headings slightly bigger than the body text.

It all helps, and as long as you don’t get too flash (which can give people the impression you don’t have anything of substance to say), it should amplify your chances of being shortlisted.

Remember, the spell checker is your friend - unless it’s set to ‘American’ or wrongly recognises a word and corrects it.

Recruitment and job sites

So now you’re ready to have a look at some job sites. Before then, though, think about which employer you’d work for if you had the choice. Check their site (look for it on a search engine such as Google) and see if it has a recruitment area. Loads of them do. Many will ask for a CV – which you’ve just done.

Failing that, have a look at some of the recruitment sites out there. Most of the newspapers have one and they take classified advertisements from prospective employers. Recruitment agencies are obvious targets, as well as job sites including and

Once again, most of these will ask you to send a CV through as an attachment.

Consider also doing a Google search – as simple as that. If you want a job as a store manager in Worthing, just enter the term “store manager, Worthing”. If a recruiter has a job going and knows their web stuff, it’ll come up when you search.

Never forget, though, that not everybody advertises their jobs online. You might strike lucky, but don’t only apply for jobs electronically – the old-fashioned methods are pretty good too!
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