YOUR NEXT CHURCH CONCERT/EVENT: Failure to Plan is Planning to Fail.

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The Best Time to Evaluate Your Event
When Should You Evaluate Your Events? by Heidi Richards Mooney

As soon as the event if over… if not sooner. In my experience, the best time to evaluate your event is IMMEDIATELY! It is important to do your evaluation/assessment of the event while the details are fresh in your mind. Include anyone in the evaluation process that had a stake in the event. Stakeholders would include vendors, hired staff, volunteers and employers. You could host a debriefing session or a wrap up meeting to accomplish this task. Make this a pleasant experience. Include refreshments and lots of kudos (thank you’s for a job well done). Prior to, or when the meeting begins, enlist a “scribe” to record the comments and answers from the group.

Ask yourself and them the following questions:

• Did the event fulfill the goals and objectives set forth?

• What worked? What didn’t? What would you do differently? The same?

• Did the event run smoothly and on schedule?

• Which vendors/stakeholders should be hired/recruited again?

• Were any items missing from the checklist that should be included in future events?

• Did you generate favorable publicity for the event?

• How was attendance? Were the attendance goals achieved?

• Did you receive positive feedback from those who attended? Did you use formal (written, documented forms or one on one surveys) or informal (chatting in the restrooms, lines, seminars, etc.) methods of evaluation?

• What could you do differently, better to reach your goals? To involve more people? To spread the word about the event?

• Was the event worth doing? What were some of the benefits? Would you do it again?

Encourage alternative forms of feedback from those unable to attend, such as via e-mail, website and fax back forms. Once you have received feedback from the group, have the notes transcribed for distribution to all the stakeholders (clients). Be sure to include this in the event portfolio for future reference. Proper evaluating of the event will lead to even greater success in the future. In fact, it is important to evaluate all aspects of business from time to time. Otherwise, how and when would you know what needs to be improved? One final thought; make sure you get feedback from attendees.

How to Increase Attendance at Your Events

21 TIPS for Hosting a Successful EVENT
Here are 21 tips to help you pull off the perfect event that will build your CONFIDENCE and set the tone for events to come:

1. If you are planning to host an event with more than 20 people, consider recruiting a co-chair to help with some of the details.

2. Use a personalized invitation to invite guests to your event. Follow up with the registrants and provide complete event details, such as location, time, directions and proper attire.

3. Encourage your guests to bring plenty of business cards to exchange with other guests

4. Consider inviting your customers, suppliers or prospects, when creating your invitation list.

5. Generate targeted emails to these groups to let them know what you are offering.

6. Design a postcard Invitation to send via email. Or use one of the free online invitations available such as Yahoo Invites, Evites, or Sendomatic.

7. Consider having a drawing to encourage attendance — such as a complementary service your company can provide or a coupon for something from a partner or supplier.

8. Get a Sponsor for the event to help underwrite the costs. Make sure the sponsor’s name is included in the invitations as well as mentioned during the event. You may also wish to give your Sponsor 5 minutes to address your guests, a table at the event which they can use to place their marketing materials in addition to allowing them to distribute their information to guests. If the sponsor makes a significant contribution to your event, consider giving them a Free attendance.

9. Post the invitation on your website. Create a unique registration page to gather information. Make sure it includes information to RSVP.

10. Make sure all invitations, notices and flyers include information to RSVP.

11. Choose a time that will work for the greatest number of attendees and you.

12. Consider hosting your event at a location other than a restaurant or country club. Some ideas include having your event in your home, at a vendor location (such as a technology company), at a City Hall, or Chamber of Commerce, University or College, Tech School, Newspaper, Outdoors

13. If you are hosting an educational event consider topics that would relate to Women and ECommerce. (See suggested topics for WECAI meetings).

14. Keep a current list of registrants, updating it to reflect new guests.

15. Send out more than one invitation. Some people don’t read the first one sent, so it is always good to follow up with a second and even third notice.

16. 24 hours before the event, send a Reminder email notice to your guest list to ensure as many guests as possible will show up the day of the event.

17. If you are charging for the event – to cover costs of the meal, location, etc. have a deadline for sending in the money – RSVP (agreed upon with the venue/caterer/restaurant).

18. Consider giving a prize or special incentive to all who register EARLY. Or have a contest and choose a winner with a prize for early registrations. You could ask a Vendor to donate a prize just for this. Extra PR for both! on time.

19. Be sure and let the media know of your plans as they unfold. For instance a release to “announce” the event, another release to announce any special guests or speakers, a third release for sponsors and an overall release describing the event in greater detail.

20. If you do have a speaker, give her/him adequate time to present allowing time for guests to ask questions.

21. Collect business cards or have a registration card at the sign-in table. This way you can follow up with your guests and thank them for attending. Be sure to send thank you’s after your event to everyone involved.

Marketing your event

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