Job Search Tips for Programming Professionals

Job Search Tips for Programming Professionals

In the current job market, the recession is so severe that jobs are unavailable for many people…many people besides Programmers. While other professions have been getting cut during the current state of the market, the number of Programming jobs has increased dramatically. Demand for Programming professionals is supposed to increase by 21% in the next ten or so years.
In order to land one of these positions, here are a few tips to help you along the way:

Learn More Than Programming Language- Learn People Language.
Programming involves an enormous deal of human communication, so companies do not want their programmer to have the language mannerisms of a robot. It is important to be conscious of grammar and composition when completing your cover letter and exchanging e-mails. If you are a socially awkward individual, consider seminars or books that might help you improve your communication abilities.

Check Your Ego
Companies are looking for the most intellectual and competent Programmers, and that sometimes lead to one problem: arrogance. Many companies don’t care how skilled the candidate is—if they carry a hefty ego, they aren’t worth putting up with in the long run. Show your willingness to learn new things and don’t be picky about which projects you’ll be working on.

Be Truthful
Never ever exaggerate the number of proficient skills on your resume. Not only can it get you fired down the road, it can be very embarrassing in an interview. Also, don’t try and talk your way around programming questions that you aren’t familiar with. Once again, it won’t work in the long run and you’ll look like a fool.
Pandora Radio’s VP of Engineering, Chris Martin states, “If you don’t know this stuff, saying you don’t know would be a good place to start”. Most companies aren’t looking for people who are experts in every single language. They are looking for Programmers who can learn new languages.

Polished Resume
When you come across a well-paying position at a prominent company, it means that they have a ton of resumes being generated daily. It doesn’t matter how qualified you are at the moment, DO NOT make ridiculous mistakes to get your resume thrown in the stack of trash. A few minor words can help you through this. Proof read. Everybody makes little mistakes here and there and it is easy to pass them up, even through a resume. Misspelled words will disqualify you from the screening process and your dream job will be gone because of “teh”.
There are plenty of tools to help you along the way so use the internet and use your head and you’ll be on your way!

Be Prepared For The Interview—Prove Yourself!
The most important part of a job interview is being able to prove your capability. Companies have different ways of testing the candidates. Some companies will ask potential candidates a number of programming questions, but will never sit someone down in front of a computer and ask them code. On the other hand, some hiring managers will always ask people to write code during the interview.

Be prepared for random questions! It’s not important whether you answer the question right… it’s important that you demonstrate a logical thought process and that you never give up on the problem if it sounds too difficult.
Whether you’re a recent grad or an experienced Programmer always follows these tips and soon you’ll be on your way to the perfect job fit! If you are a programmer looking for work, be sure to check out some of our current IT opportunities, and Good luck!

By:Dustin Willoughby(Interactive Resources)
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