Superman debuts a new look

First Wonder Woman got a makeover, and now the Man of Steel is debuting a new look of his own.
The redrawing will appear in“Superman: Earth One," a new graphic novel retelling of the origin of the super hero which DC Comics says is “Superman for the 21st century."
Does the modern Superman look a little familiar to you Twi-hards? As the New York Post points out,  he bears “more of a resemblance to Robert Pattinsonfrom the ‘Twilight’ movies than Christopher Reeve from the Superman films.”
The new Superman still has the inky black hair and buff bod – six pack and all – but features more of a brooding look than the super hero's past clean-cut appearance.
The book is written by J. Michael Straczynski, known for writing Superman, Wonder Woman and  Babylon 5 and drawn by artist Shane Davis who has previously worked on Green Lantern and the Superman/Batman series.
The new graphic novel series does not replace the original Superman comics, but is merely a reinterpretation of his younger years. The book goes on sale next Tuesday.
What do you think of the new Superman?
Post by: writer Lisa Respers France

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